Accountability with Your Agents

Accountability in Real Estate is a mindset issue and is a critical part of creating a coaching culture between your managers and agents. Real estate coaches, managers and executives strive to coach with accountability built in, but it’s not always easy to consistently promote accountability with agents who are independent contractors and in charge of

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Real Estate Staff and Managers Organize Agent Onboarding Tasks with Action Plans

Increase Agility and Reduce Repetitive Tasks While Onboarding New, Digital Savvy Agents One of the biggest time wasters in a real estate office is organizing, tracking and performing repetitive tasks for each new agent. In an industry that’s poised for significant change, increasing agility and automating repetitive tasks is critical in redirecting your energy and

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3 Steps to Improve as a Business Coach

Business coaches have their work cut out for them. Aside from the responsibility of guiding leaders and entrepreneurs towards success, the sheer number of coaches in the industry makes it difficult to set themselves apart. Fortunately, the key market for business coaches has grown significantly since the start of the pandemic, providing new and experienced

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Is Your Coaching Business Ready to Scale?

Taking your coaching business to the next level isn’t just about expanding your services and manpower. Brand strategists Pete Canalichio and Mark Di Somma defined the difference between growing and scaling: the former merely focuses on replication of a business model while the latter seeks to improve processes within reasonable management limits. This way, scaling will allow

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Coach Simple Integrates with Zoom to Link Meetings and Cloud Recordings to Coaching Dashboards

Link your Zoom meetings and cloud recordings on your client’s coaching dashboards with the Coach Simple / Zoom integration The Coach Simple Enterprise and Coach Simple User apps are available on the Zoom App Marketplace. It’s never been easier to schedule, meet and link cloud recordings to your client’s Coaching Dashboards in Coach Simple. With

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Redtail CRM Integrates with Coach Simple

Coach Simple Integrates with Redtail CRM to launch Coach Simple Finance

Coach Simple integrates with Redtail CRM to help wealth advisors and financial planners work smarter, plan better and close more deals. Coach Simple empowers financial professionals with: Detailed Sales Pipeline and Follow-up Task Management Project Tracking for Onboarding New Clients and Managing Existing Client Work Engagement and Accountability Tools to Keep Staff and Associates Accountable

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