5 Benefits of Gamification in Your Sales Organization

Gamification in a sales organization means adding gaming concepts to help motivate your sales team.  These basic gaming concepts include: earning points for successful actions and level jumping as results are achieved. 

Adding game mechanics to an existing sales infrastructure turns your basic sales contest into an interactive and motivational challenge that can give your sales team the needed boost to generate better results and achieve success.

Traditional sales contests often fall short of desired outcomes by demotivating new to business and middle tier sales professionals that may feel instantly locked out while at the same time, negatively encouraging top sales reps to keep their success secrets locked away in order to remain at the top.

However, implementing Gamification can produce many benefits, including:

1. Changing the focus to the highest payoff activities that lead to achieving sales and success without focusing strictly on the sale

2. Turning mundane activities into exciting activities by providing rewards, points and levels for completing those basic, yet critical stepping stones

3. Providing more instant gratification and motivation for “players” by encouraging an inpidual to make the extra effort to pass their peers on the leaderboard and see those results in real-time

4. Focusing on either short term or long term success based on how you prioritize  scoring in the game

5. Increasing adoption of existing CRMs or other legacy systems by requiring  logging of point-earning activity in those system

Will independent sales professionals pke real estate agents, recruiters and insurance sales professionals really respond to levels and badges?  That depends on a number of factors including age, experience and your overall culture.  However, creating small challenges with a simple leaderboard made available to the team either in real-time, nightly or weekly combined with small prizes and bragging rights during the sales meetings can provide that extra shorter term motivation which will lead to more sales and a higher participation rates in your achiever awards and success trips.

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