Accountability with Your Agents

Accountability in Real Estate is a mindset issue and is a critical part of creating a coaching culture between your managers and agents. Real estate coaches, managers and executives strive to coach with accountability built in, but it’s not always easy to consistently promote accountability with agents who are independent contractors and in charge of their own business.

Based on our experience working with coaches and real estate companies, here are a few accountability tips managers and executives can implement with their agents:

Track Metrics – providing an easy way to track measurable activities such as prospecting and sales habits makes it easier for agents to comply. This means mobile and desktop access to a simple activity tracker that focuses on the highest payoff actions that generate business.

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Foster a coaching culture built around “why” – If agents are clear on their “why”, whether their success is for themselves, their family or their community, it helps keep the daily grind interesting. When we drift from our why, the mundane tasks seem frustrating, but centering on the “why” helps justify that extra hour of calls or emails or door knocking.

Start focusing on accountability day one – It’s easier to start your agent engagement from day one by encouraging accountability during the onboarding process. This ensures agents understand the expectation of accountability but also differentiates your organization as an asset helping agents reach their goals. delivers your Real Estate Onboarding Program

Accountability applies to you and your staff as well – Asking agents to stay accountable when staff or managers miss meetings or fail to deliver on their commitments lowers credibility and demoralizes agents. Encouraging staff and managers to also act with accountability sets the example needed to ask for agents to go beyond what is blocking them. 

Keep it Simple – Whether you use Coach Simple or another accountability platform, make sure you have a simple way to engage with agents and intelligently review all the activities they are accomplishing throughout the month. A simple coaching dashboard with everything a manager needs is critical to efficiently supporting accountability and success with agents. 

Are you ready to promote accountability and a coaching culture in your Real Estate organization?