3 Steps to Improve as a Business Coach

Business coaches have their work cut out for them. Aside from the responsibility of guiding leaders and entrepreneurs towards success, the sheer number of coaches in the industry makes it difficult to set themselves apart. Fortunately, the key market for business coaches has grown significantly since the start of the pandemic, providing new and experienced business coaches with countless new opportunities.

The US saw a sharp increase in business applications as more than 1.5 million Americans applied for an Employee Identification Number in the third quarter of 2020 alone. This just goes to show how the US economy is committed to entrepreneurship, and puts business coaches in an ideal position with the potential for more clients growing by the day. If a business coach wants to set themselves apart from the competition, here are three concrete steps that can help:

1. Market Your Services Efficiently, But Also Truthfully

Marketing and promotion are crucial for any business, and coaching is no different. An efficient marketing strategy could be the difference between dozens of client consultations and an empty schedule. So, make sure your website is optimized, connect with people using your social media accounts, and build a brand that appeals to your target market. These make you more visible and more likely to pull in potential clients.

But there’s an ethical dimension to marketing that many entrepreneurs forget: the matter of honesty and integrity. It’s easy to stretch the truth when promoting your services and results generated. Sprinkling exaggerations in your marketing strategy backfire and damage your brand, because for your business to flourish, you need to build trust with your clients. And the key to that is honesty.

2. Stay on Top of the your Industry

The business world is in a constant state of flux. Trends come and go, but business must go on. It’s your job as a business coach to know the ins and outs of the industry, so that the advice you give your clients is accurate and helpful. Read up on industry reports, studies, press releases — anything that will provide you with a clear view of the playing field.

You could even sign up for certification programs that teach you practical and theoretical concepts in the business world. These can be accomplished remotely, and some even provide accreditation. Moreover, an online business degree can also be quite helpful in beefing up your skills and resume, as this type of program lets you access coursework 100% online and even customize your degree to suit your needs. From marketing and cybersecurity, to management information systems, you can choose based on your clientele and what skills you think you can improve, on top of core subjects like operations and economics. By taking the time to read up and learn, you become a more prominent contender in the business coaching industry. At the end of the day, it is important to remember that knowledge is power!

3. Utilize Coaching Automation Platforms

Coaching automation platforms take a massive weight off your shoulders. They execute crucial administrative duties, tracking coaching sessions and distributing your coaching content to your client. The right software allows you to focus on the most important details of your coaching business, your clients, while reducing or eliminating many of the manual steps you follow in a small growing practice.

To automated and scale your coaching business, Coach Simple helps you customize your coaching modules to match your process, allowing you to showcase your unique qualities as a coach. Additionally, Coach Simple provides you with the tools to help your sales focused clients stay organized. A coaching dashboard with sales scorecards and business goals helps your coaches and your clients stay on track and accountable. With automated features and ease of access, you’ll have all the time in the world to brainstorm coaching programs that are uniquely yours.

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Article written by Lauren Sloan exclusively for coachsimple.net