Supercharge Your Coaching Capabilities

Growing sales and improving company culture is a necessity for most companies in today’s fast-changing economy. But increasingly, the unique skills required to achieve business growth are not found in-house, leading management to look beyond their own teams to professional coaches.

A HuffPost article on Sales Coaching says, “For sales-driven organizations, an experienced and process-oriented sales coach can play a key role in helping them achieve more of their goals without all the growing pains.”

Finding the right coach can transform a business.

However, this this can be difficult in a globally saturated coaching industry. The ICF Global Coaching Study from the International Coach Federation found 53,300 professional coaches around the world with 33% in North America. So, how do the professionals stand out as leading executive, business or sales coaches?

Even top coaches with an established unique process, and proven track record, struggle to build their own businesses and sell their coaching capabilities.

Use Technology to Scale Your Success

With 81% of professional coaches completing accredited or approved learning programs, they know the framework and methodologies for coaching. What’s missing is integrating their knowledge and unique process into a platform that will drive the number of participating clients, improve the quality of each coaching session, and easily and quickly track client accountability and administrative tasks.

Coach Simple will accelerate your success. With automated assessments, learning modules, coaching and results tracking, our software helps deliver your coaching methodology, process and content directly to clients.

Coaches report doubling their coaching capacity without extra time or effort spent when using Coach Simple. They are also seeing a 20 to 50% increase in client production and are experiencing higher close rates with prospects that are introduced to their customized coaching platform during the sales process.

10 ways Coach Simple can help supercharge your coaching practice

Start with an automated coaching dashboard

Relying on google docs and your inbox for your coaching practice leads to a reactive coaching business. A customized coaching dashboard with real-time data can help you monitor coaching engagements, identity potential problems and proactively coach clients. Whether spotting rising stars or clients at risk, Coach Simple helps you easily assess the situation and take the necessary actions to maximize the performance of your clients. Our system automatically tracks and monitors success metrics, achievement steps and empowers you to proactively intervene and help clients regain focus or accelerate continued growth.

Onboard new coaching clients seamlessly, consistently and effectively

After onboarding your new clients year-in and year-out, you will start to recognize patterns and a process. What steps need to be taken both internally and by your new client at the start of the coaching engagement to ensure maximum success? What are the steps your staff needs to repeat every time? What should your new client do during those first few weeks to prepare for a successful coaching experience? Automate your client onboarding program to ensure nothing is left to chance. More importantly, monitor all client onboarding programs in a single dashboard to identify issues before they impact business.

Generate programs that automate and distribute content

You have a wealth of information in your head, on paper and in numerous folders on your laptop. Format this knowledge into digestible learning modules designed specifically for your clients. Coach Simple’s logical path technology takes your clients on a learning journey. This is more than a traditional membership site or resource library. Our system builds unique learning paths, establishes meaningful knowledge checkpoints, and tracks accountability and completion of each module as your clients progress.

Organize and manage multiple teams and coaches

As your coaching practice grows, scale your business consistently with a customized strategy, framework and process for managing multiple teams and adding new coaches. Maintain your brand and services consistently through Coach Simple software. Share best practices, organize content and establish cadence to expand your coaching practice.

Track engagement and accountability

Know when your clients are engaged in the coaching process or if they stall or fall behind. Client accountability is critical to both your coaching practice and company success. Monitor client engagement between coaching sessions and track their activity. Establish success habits, measure knowledge transfer and help clients build accountability and commitment. Generate and share regular reports for maximum visibility and transparency of individual and company success.

Coach by numbers, key performance indicators and trends

Whether your clients provide sales and activity data via an export, import numbers directly from a CRM or enter their weekly or monthly activity directly, generating sales activity reports and key performance indicators allow you to spot trends and compare client activity with industry peers. Your customized client health dashboard displays thresholds based on your specific expertise. Perhaps a missed coaching session generates a warning. Skipping two is a red flag. Set success standards and make sure they are upheld.

Create a searchable resource library and assign resources to clients

Maximize client engagement with your library of learning content, videos, documents and worksheets. With an online resource library, your coaching clients can securely browse through your best practices and gain access to your most useful content.

Roll up and view coaching history for multiple coaches and entire teams

Coaching a handful of clients is easy to manage. But how do you track individuals, cohorts, teams and entire client organizations? Coach Simple is scalable at an enterprise level to easily support expansion of your practice to multiple coaches and multiple client organizations, all in one place.

Choose to be proactive or reactive with alerts and notifications

Oftentimes, coaches direct their energy and effort to the most vocal or challenged clients. However, the quiet ones often need equal or greater attention to reach the next level of growth. Coach Simple tailors alerts and dashboards for both proactive and reactive coaching methodologies. Automatically interact with your clients prior to their next coaching sessions. Set alerts for significant or accelerated achievements. Establish parameters that raise flags for at risk behavior or stalled work. Reactively respond to client activity while proactively engaging with all of your clients from a single place.

Double client outreach without investing more time

Coaches working with Coach Simple regularly report the ability to double coaching sessions without investing more time. Removing administrative timewasters and automatically extracting all the pertinent information allows for highly productive coaching sessions in less time. Whether you work with clients one-on-one, in teams or in a more self-guided mode, Coach Simple will help you maximize total output, increase outcomes and reduce administrative roadblocks.

Work smarter, not harder, to achieve more. Coach Simple provides cutting-edge technology to help you convert more prospects, coach more clients and generate stronger outcomes for each client you coach.

Coaching Software can help set you apart. Try Coach Simple