Scaling You

Turn your Videos, Books, Resources and Knowledge into
New Pillars of Recurring Revenue powered by Coach Simple AI.

Your unique content, easily distributed as a resource library, virtual AI coach, learning/LMS program, masterminds, group coaching and one-on-one coaching.

Leverage your content and generate new pillars of income with Coach Simple!

Customized AI Powered Software for Your Unique Knowledge and Content

Our modules are customizable to match your content, process and coaching style and our AI powered integration platform can easily organize and repackage your content from anywhere.

Knowledge AI

Organize and distribute your digital content through AI chatbots or a searchable resource library.

Coach AI

Provide virtual coaching AI bots in your voice and systems, or manage live, one-on-one or group coaching programs. 

Create AI

Reuse the structure, content and voice of your digital content on social media,  blogs, video platforms and new products. 

Integrate AI

Automatically import your Videos and Resources from popular platforms or any API. Our AI will organize everything for you.   

Get Started in Minutes...
Wow! That's Simple

  1. Set up a Free Trial and Provide your YouTube Channel

    Click on "Try Coach Simple" and enter your name and channel. We'll get the process started right away! 

  2. Our Automated AI will Import Your Video Links and Train Your Custom Bots

    It only takes 30-45 minutes to import all of your YouTube video links and train our AI Chatbots with the video transcripts. We'll let you know when it's ready! 

  3. Add Your Paid Members or Prospects Selectively 

    Log in, click around, invite up to 5 clients or friends to check it out. And when ready to launch, add your clients and prospects and share, train, coach and engage with Coach Simple.

  4. Pay as You Grow: At Your Pace

    Avoid enterprise subscription fees until you are ready for your full launch. In the meantime, pay as you go, adding select clients and modules only as you need them.


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Why Us?

Accountability. Customization. Scale.


Track Accountability

Provide Sales Activity Trackers, Leaderboards, Scorecards, Pipeline, and Coaching Dashboards to keep sales reps accountable and on track.


Customize Your Programs

Customize your coaching and learning programs with video, documents, and assessments to automate your unique coaching methodology.  


Scale For Growth

Grow your clients without increased administrative burden. Add unlimited member portals, client teams and additional coaches to scale with confidence.

Grow Revenue. Scale with confidence. Keep it simple.

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