6 Critical Functions on Your Sales Coaching Dashboard

Coaching a handful of sales reps doesn’t require complex systems. Most new coaches can manage their business with a notepad or simple spreadsheet.

But as the coaching business gains traction and accelerates, attempting to engage with dozens of clients each week creates significant efficiency challenges that paper-based sales coaches are not prepared for. This places unnecessary administrative burdens on staff or even more worse, on the coach directly.

Well organized sales coaches leverage technologies that help them engage with more clients, reduce administrative burdens and increase productivity with the most accurate and timely data possible.

These top coaches work from an integrated coaching dashboard that delivers these 6 critical functions:

  • Provides a consistent coaching structure for one-on-one coaching, automated coaching, mentoring or group coaching
  • Documents coaching notes and follow-up action items in a single place
  • Optimizes coaching sessions with pre-session worksheets that allow participants and coaches to be fully prepared for the coaching session
  • Incorporates accurate and timely production and sales activity KPIs
  • Delivers relevant onboarding and training content automatically, at a proper cadence
  • Generates notifications and reminders for both coaches and clients, holding everyone accountable

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