Don’t Let The Year Get Away From Your Agents

Don’t let the year get away from your agents. Instead, plan for and ensure agent success.

In real estate, as in many other sales professions, November is the time to start the business planning and goal setting process for the upcoming year.

As the new year appears on the horizon, brokers and managers will eagerly email out business planning spreadsheets to all their agents hoping to get everyone fired up for the upcoming year by the time the ball drops on Times Square.

Where do Those Business Planning Spreadsheets End Up?

For those agents who don’t completely ignore these requests, their business planning efforts often end up with a printout collecting dust, or lost in some long forgotten e-mail thread.  

What long term value does this excel-based business planning process offer your agents?

And, how do brokers, managers and mentors engage with agents, track progress vs. goals, identify areas needing focused attention and make necessary course adjustments throughout the year?

Avoiding the Fire Drill

We all know this goal setting fire drill starts in just a few weeks and often continues through January or even into February. Your typical routine likely starts with company-wide excitement, but quickly transforms into begging agents to finish their homework, and, if lucky, have a short face-to-face meeting with their managers to massage the numbers, discuss a few strategies and generate some excitement heading into the new year.

But more often than not, this will be the last time this plan is ever seen from again.

Leveraging the Business Planning Process

I am always so curious to know how brokers plan to leverage the efforts made during this process. Do they consolidate and roll-up agent targets for the entire organization? Do they return to the projections every month, comparing targets to actual results, spotting trends, and projecting future results? Are they discovering rising stars or identifying agents in need of help?

It just isn’t possible to stay on top of your business with outdated printouts and disconnected spreadsheets.

The Real Estate Industry is Evolving

The Real Estate industry is evolving and Coach Simple Real Estate is taking business planning to the next level.

We’ve turned the old “set it and forget it” goal setting process into a real-time, interactive business planning platform where agents, teams, managers, mentors and executives can stay engaged and productive all year long.  

Coach Simple Real Estate integrates short, medium and long term strategies into a living business plan accessed, implemented and updated by agents, all year long.

  • Annual planning tools and worksheets
  • Automated imports of agent sales activity
  • Pipeline monitoring of upcoming deals
  • Monthly focused learning topics
  • Action plans for accelerating success
  • Sales success habits 
  • Agent/Manager check-ins with coaching conversation starters
  • Executive dashboards with automated leaderboards