Coach Simple AI

Your Secure, Trained and Knowledgable AI 

Your own customized chatbot to create, learn and do.
A private version of ChatGPT, trained on your business data.
Empower your teams, support your coaches and engage your clients.

Three Powerful Tools for You and Your Clients

Coach AI

Turn static coaching processes into interactive and engaging tools that deliver results

Knowledge AI

Train your own private chat tool with your company's knowledge, processes and resources.

Creative AI

Brainstorm and generate courses, marketing, blog posts, social posts and digital ads.

Private and Secure

Your knowledge and chats are stored in your database and never shared with the world. 

Highly Trained

Automatically scan every resource in your library for highly knowledgable chats and results. 

Totally Customized

Build our own Assistants, Prompts and Avatars and get a totally customized experience.

Simply Delivered

Integrated with all Coach Simple tools and modules for simple delivery to client and coaches.

FAQs About Coach Simple AI

ChatGPT has changed the world's perception of what AI is capable of, but it comes with challenges and risks including: who owns the data you are submitting, how secure is your proprietary information and how do I make the answers much more relevant to my business and specific needs.

Coach Simple AI solves these challenges by segmenting your data in databases you control, using backend APIs that keep your requests private, and providing a highly customizable and proprietary prompt engineering experience so you don't have to explain who you are or what you want to get accomplished every time you start a new chat. 

Finally an AI experience that is customizable and unique to your business and needs, contact us to get started

Coach Simple uses automation and APIs to train the prompts so you don't have to do the heavy lifting. All you need to do is load your Coach Simple resource library with documents, videos and website pages that capture the key information, processes and definitions that you want delivered as context for your chats.

And as you identify new pages or create new content, simply load them into your resource library and our automation will do the rest.

Finally, our proprietary prompt engineering tools will lookup the most relevant parts of your resource library and include that in the initial prompt, allowing you to instantly jump into a conversation about a specific resource, or pull relevant information when you are creating something new.

This means you load your library with the best of your business and your chats will come back in your voice with your knowledge built in. contact us to get started

Coach Simple AI is built from the ground up to support Coaches, Staff, Teams and Sales professionals to be more productive and reach their goals.  Our AI platform is a business tool, built for productivity and creativity while maintaining security and privacy. 

If you are a business owner, coach or team leader looking to up your game and take your business to the next level, contact us to get started 

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