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Don’t let 2017 sneak up on you and your agents

October 13 2016 | BY GREG AUSLEY

Instead, plan for — and ensure —agent success. In real estate, as in many other sales professions, November is the time to start the business planning and goal setting process for the upcoming year. As Thanksgiving appears on the horizon, brokers and managers will eagerly email out business planning spreadsheets to all their agents hoping to get everyone fired up for the upcoming year by the time the ball drops on Times Square. Where do Those Business Planning Spreadsheets End Up? For those

Engage - 4 Best Practices for Employee Engagement

September 29 2016 | BY GREG AUSLEY

Only 30% of employees are engaged at work. In today’s competitive marketplace, recruiting and retraining talent can be an expensive problem with turnover costs ranging between $25,000 and $150,000 per departure. But, for savvy, forward-thinking organizations there is ample opportunity to build and keep all-star teams. Promoting a coaching culture will raise employee engagement and your bottom line. Start by implementing these four best practices of employee engagement:   Get the 4 Best Pract

Onboarding after "Onboarding" is Complete

September 5 2016 | BY GREG AUSLEY

I recently saw statistics about onboarding and employee turnover that indicate we need to raise engagement and empowerment in the workplace -- from day one.    Recent Survey: Surprising Results Twenty-five percent of companies say their onboarding does not include training materials or programs, and 60% of companies don’t set milestones or goals for new hires to succeed.    Not coincidently, 25% of new hires leave those companies within the first year.   It’s More Than Compliance Your organizati

Invest in your people, or someone else will

May 11 2016 | BY GREG AUSLEY

Tim Davis, National Sales Coach for Movement Mortgage and evangelist, recently participated in a webinar focusing on the benefits of promoting a coaching culture in the Mortgage Industry.   During the webinar, Tim said that besides the obvious and predictable benefit of "creating a lift in overall sales and productivity", there are some additional, less obvious benefits that couldn’t be overlooked.  These benefits include:  Promoting and distributing a consistent corporate mess

Why Real Estate Firms are Choosing CoachSimple Coaching Software

May 12 2015 | BY GREG AUSLEY is coaching and accountability software enabling real estate companies and all sales organizations to implement a coaching culture, set goals, monitor progress and create powerful and productive communication between owner, sales managers and sales professionals.    So why are Real Estate firms approaching 3x more frequently than any other industry?  We've identified 3 factors unique to Real Estate that fit the CoachSimple model perfectly: Independent Sales Prof

Successful On-boarding of Sales Professionals: 5 Key Areas of Focus

May 6 2015 | BY GREG AUSLEY

Working with numerous sales organizations in Real Estate, Insurance, Mortgage, Recruiting and other small to mid-sized companies, we are often asked to provide best practices for a successful automated on-boarding process. We find that successful on-boarding of sales professionals includes focus on 5 key areas.  All of these areas can be automated and streamlined using our Producer Focus platform for sales organizations or through your existing HR or Project Management software. Company Cultur

5 Benefits of Gamification in a Sales Organization

April 6 2015 | BY GREG AUSLEY

Gamification in a sales organization means adding gaming concepts to help motivate your sales team.  These basic gaming concepts include: earning points for successful actions and level jumping as results are achieved.    Adding game mechanics to an existing sales infrastructure turns your basic sales contest into an interactive and motivational challenge that can give your sales team the needed boost to generate better results and achieve success.   Traditional sales contests often fall short o

5 Key Ingredients for Coaching Your Sales Team

March 31 2015 | BY GREG AUSLEY

The process of managing a sales team is evolving into coaching and some managers may not be completely ready for this somewhat subtle change. In order to effectively coach a sales team, your process needs to evolve. The following are 5 key ingredients for coaching a sales team: Establishing unwavering consistency When transitioning from managing to coaching, it is critical to establish and maintain unwavering consistency in the process. Reaping the long term benefits of coaching takes time and

Commit, Assess and Implement - Quick Start Your Coaching Culture

March 4 2015 | BY GREG AUSLEY

At CoachSimple, we have helped thousands of sales professionals achieve success through automating the coaching and accountability process. Along the way, we have identified three critical stages of the coaching process that any firm must address in order to achieve success in their coaching program. These are Commit, Assess and Implement. Commit - First, executives and managers must commit to this new "coaching culture" way of thinking. Whether it means committing to having coaching become a c

Implementing a Coaching Culture in Your Sales Organization

January 27 2015 | BY GREG AUSLEY

At, we work with numerous coaches and organizations that have implemented a strong coaching culture into their sales environment. Companies that properly develop a strong coaching culture impact their sales professionals by...

Coach Simple Helps Thousands of Real Estate Professionals Achieve Success

January 13 2015 | BY GREG AUSLEY is powerful Coaching Software that helps sales coaches interact with sales professionals and teams using an on-line accountability software platform that is simple to use.  Coaches and managers in sales organizations use this platform to interact with sales professionals, standardize coaching programs and reduce excessive administrative work by automating parts of the coaching and check-in process.   With sales-focused, customizable program templates, coaches and managers can pr

What Coaching Tools Are Most Important to Your Practice?

April 2 2014 | BY GREG AUSLEY

Over the past few months we have been researching coaching tools and technology for life coaches, business coaches and executive coaches.  Over the next few weeks, will share some of the top Coaching Tools and Coaching Technology. In the meantime, we would love to hear from you.  Please enter your top technologies that you rely on for your business in the comments area below.  

Coaching Tools for Your Analytical Clients using Numbers and Metrics

April 1 2014 | BY GREG AUSLEY

At, we work with a variety of coaches with different styles.  Some coaches follow a more Socratic coaching process while others are very heavily focused on ensuring accountability through tracking metrics and activities.   Coaching through activity, numbers and metrics requires a different type of discipline and relationship with your clients than using a more intuitive approach.  The discipline goes both ways as well, with the client AND the coach needing to stick with the proce

Coaching Tools To Track Accountability With Clients

January 28 2014 | BY GREG AUSLEY

As a business coach, life coach, executive coach or mentor, creating an expectation of accountability is crucial to ensuring that your client can get past their stops and can achieve success in your coaching program and in life. During any coaching or mentoring session, you will help guide your client through a process that ultimately uncovers meaningful action items that your client will commit to in order to achieve the next level of success.  From a coaching system perspective, coaches tend

How Coaching Firms Can Keep Their Clients Engaged

January 14 2014 | BY GREG AUSLEY

At, a leading coaching software platform designed for coaches to track goals and accountability with their clients, we are often asked for tips on keeping your clients engaged after they sign-up for coaching, but before the initial coaching session.  When your clients sign up, they are full of positive energy and ready to take action immediately.  However, with too much time in between sign-up and the initial coaching session, their energy could easily diminish.  At CoachSimple,

Real Estate Firms use and Producer Focus to Empower Agents

January 9 2014 | BY GREG AUSLEY is a Financial Services focused version of, designed for independent sales organizations including Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Recruiters, Insurance and Financial Serivces. Sales Managers and Executives use Producer Focus to set goals with their teams, track weekly numbers and metrics, enter follow-up action items, electronically organize the weekly, monthly and quarterly Check-ins, track opportunity through a pipeline system and view repor Coaching Software for Life Coaches and Business Coaches

December 30 2013 | BY GREG AUSLEY

You can add a client, create a goal and track action items, numbers, metrics and notes right away. The platform really shines when you build your first goal plan template and pre-load in your most common coaching programs.

Massimo Group uses for Client Accountability

December 24 2013 | BY GREG AUSLEY

  The Massimo Group, a leading coaching organization in the commercial real estate industry, offers business coaching programs that range from new-to-business group coaching to one-on-one coaching for top commercial real estate executives.  Their advanced coaching programs help brokers earn an average of $500,000 more than the industry average.  That is an incredible figure! Behind their coaching success is a combination of top coaching talent and a powerful, well-conceived coaching process.

Goal Plan Templates Automating Your Coaching Programs

December 24 2013 | BY GREG AUSLEY coaching software, powered by LifeSpace Pro, has a comprehensive goal plan template designer capable of converting your standard forms, worksheets, e-mails, content, process, action items and follow-up action items into Goal Plan Templates that can be distributed to clients or team members with the click of the mouse. - Coach Simple is Client Accountability Coaching Software

December 13 2013 | BY GREG AUSLEY

Whether you are a business coach or life coach, Coach Simple ( is a powerful and easy to use coaching software program designed to help business coaches and life coaches organize their coaching practice and track client accountability.